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I am overdrafted on all of my accounts lmao I hate this shit this same thing happened the last time I switched jobs. Last time my car broke down & had to be repaired, this time I went a month without pay because I had to take a 1 week break between jobs because I ended up in the hospital lmao I hate this shit I hate it I hate it

I want to play no straight roads but it’s $40 also I hear it is majorly fucked on console so I will just listen to the soundtrack forever

Need to figure out how not to have an end of shift migraine every single day of my life :///////

I haven’t even gotten paid from my new job yet and i let my gf use my credit card to buy toilet paper and they bought CHARMIN ULTRASOFT we are going to go bankrupt this is the bougiest toilet paper I’ve ever used and I am very afraid it’s going to ruin our plumbing, this is like... washcloth thick.

Good news: I got a $600 home office equipment/supply stipend from my new job and I bought a bougie chair and desk and stuff

Bad news: I have to build a fucking electric rising desk this weekend and I’m terrified

Latest news: my girlfriend plays rocket league every day now so all the mediocre to decent level edm songs in that game are on a loop with phantom GOOAAALLLLL and vrooming sounds in my head 24/7

Hi I am back to say I still exist I was just descending into madness and then trying to regain sanity for my new job and also being depressed by social media but I’m back on my bullshit again lmao

Hi! I’m an afrolatinx sephardi chronically ill & disabled trans artist. I’m experiencing a health scare (explanation in last post) & may need surgery. I’m sharing my art website in hopes to help raise money for upcoming medical bills. Most of my items are $10-$15! My partner is immunocompromised w/ chronic lung conditions at risk for COVID19 & I’m our sole source of income, so a lot is at stake right now.

✨😇🧿 🧿😇✨

dealing with a health scare, reproductive organs, surgery 

I thought I was having an IBS stress flareup but I’ve been experiencing new symptoms. Did a virtual urgent care visit last night & was told they suspect I have a large ovarian cyst pressing on my organs instead. Needless to say I’m super freaked out, especially as I’m trying to get a new job & had a traumatic experience w/ medical racism last time I had to have surgery. Have to organize a bunch of tests while working full time. Fml.

I’m just gonna listen to this Hatsune Miku song and pretend everything is fine I have so much work left

Also phoebe is acting like she also was up for 22 hours with a migraine 🙄

Oh here’s some selfies from last night at least cuz what else am I here for

I redyed my hair and took a ridiculously long shower to feel like I had some control over my life for once in this miserable August

Also in case anyone boosts this:

1. Who wants kiss

2. go look at my art website

One more complain post lol we rely heavily on blue apron bcuz we can’t go to the grocery store since we’re both immunocompromised and fedex keeps losing the blue apron boxes or whatever and then delivering them like 4 days late so we just get boxes of rotting food and it fucking sucks. I would cancel blue apron but like it’s extremely helpful when it DOES come. Anyway another box lost this week so can’t wait for a rotten box in 3 days and waiting for a refund 🙄

Hey y’all - update. Life is a mess. My job is running me ragged. I’ve been focusing all my free time on art. I don’t really have free time so I’m basically working two jobs bcuz I’m trying to run my art business. I’ve been having chronic illness flare ups from stress. I’ve been applying for new jobs. I’ve been trying not to lose my shit. I really just need a new job and to continue to get art sales to be okay. And some TIME OFF for fucks sake I need rest so bad.

Hey y’all! I’m an afrolatinx sephardi chronically ill & disabled trans artist making handmade resin art & jewelry for black empowerment, LGBTQIA Pride, Judaica, and Goth + Cutesy stuff. I make gemstone jewelry, custom resin rolling trays, BLM art, and spiritual stuff! I’d love it if you boost this, here are pics of my work. My shop is supplementing loss of COVID19 income so sharing helps a lot!

✨🧿 🧿✨

Anyone know of any remote work opportunities in FinTech? Fraud/Risk specialist ideally. or Onboarding. Lmk 👀

Listening to the Fall Guys soundtrack on repeat just to feel alive

Hello everyone I am here to announce I got new reusable masks for my immunocompromised partner and I which I’m very excited about and now I have the perfect dystopian selfie as a result

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