I did a bajillion reddit gift exchanges back last month and one of them was for pets and someone gave me a blanket for phoebe bcuz I mentioned she hogs sable & I’s blankets and I love that we all have our own blankets and phoebe loves hers. She sits on it every day. She knows it belongs to her 😂

Happy Halloween I am DJ Subatomic Supernova from No Straight Roads, a game I am utterly obsessed with but haven’t even played yet cuz I’ve been too broke to buy it 🤣 that changes this weekend though

I hope my desk shrimps reproduce. There are 4 of them. 3 are red, one is like a light brown. I have to name them. I love my tiny shrimps

Had a migraine yesterday and went to bed at 9pm, woke up at 7am, and I’m sleepy????? Why???? I slept plenty??? Any body hate me??? I do not want sleepy???

Someone commissioned art from me by buying something non commission and asking me to change it to something else and I foolishly said yes and now they don’t like what they got and want a refund and I’m gonna hit my head on the wall

I don’t remember if I posted them here but I have marine shrimp at my desk and there are 4 of them and I need to name them

What should I do for my birthday when I have no money and also can’t leave my house lmao. My birthday is very important to me and I usually find a way to go all out but that’s just entirely impossible this year. I’m not feeling too distraught over it although I’m upset I can’t buy a fancy dinner but like. I’m just glad I have Sable and our apartment this year. OH I HAVE TO REMEMBER MY ANIMAL CROSSING IN-GAME BIRTHDAY PARTY I am really looking forward to this. I cried at sables it was so cute

Apex servers have been utterly fucked since crossplay beta ://///

My sinuses have been fucked in a big way since the wildfires. My sinuses feel so hollow in a painful way, which I don’t understand because sinus pain usually comes from fluid buildup I thought. Idk I don’t have sinus issues very often so this is very unpleasant. Like right now it hurts to swallow? It hurts under my nose? Like above the roof of my mouth? It’s extremely weird

On the plus side I can buy myself some watercolor instruction books for my birthday that my job will pay for because we have a small monthly self care stipend for certain things that includes books :)

Sable and I are debating whether knights are cops or not

Wait this character looks like Sable so maybe I will play this game

I am yelling into the void because I have a migraine and I’m stressed out and I’m trying to distract myself (it’s not working)

I need to change my profile pic on here that pic is like 3 years old but I think I can only do that on browser and god knows I have no clue what my passwords are I’m just here bcuz Amaroq never logs me out and also I never update it!

Sable is playing genshin impact and I wanted to play it too but watching it I don’t actually think I care lol but I will try it. The voice acting is just so cutesy it’s too much for me :/ sable doesn’t like it either, so far the Chinese voices are the most tolerable. Everyone is so high pitched in every language lmao

My pharmacy decided to stop mailing prescriptions anymore, without telling me in advance, so last weekend I went without my meds and had one of the worst migraines I’ve had in months and I’ve been in a migraine depression hangover since

I’ve avoided playing smash bcuz it seems too hard and chaotic for me but I found out our COO plays smash with coworkers and for some strange reason I am now desperate to get good enough at smash to play my boss idky I just feel like I gotta do it I have to do it

CN: I am wearing lingerie in this photo so click at your own risk. I had one of the worst migraines I’ve had in months the other day but to make up for it the next day I cheered myself up by being extra hot. He/him
It’s also my birthday next week if u want to reward me for existing another year in hotness idk I just figure every thirst trap should be potentially monetized since I just be posting them for free


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