I did a bajillion reddit gift exchanges back last month and one of them was for pets and someone gave me a blanket for phoebe bcuz I mentioned she hogs sable & I’s blankets and I love that we all have our own blankets and phoebe loves hers. She sits on it every day. She knows it belongs to her 😂

Happy Halloween I am DJ Subatomic Supernova from No Straight Roads, a game I am utterly obsessed with but haven’t even played yet cuz I’ve been too broke to buy it 🤣 that changes this weekend though

Wait this character looks like Sable so maybe I will play this game

CN: I am wearing lingerie in this photo so click at your own risk. I had one of the worst migraines I’ve had in months the other day but to make up for it the next day I cheered myself up by being extra hot. He/him
It’s also my birthday next week if u want to reward me for existing another year in hotness idk I just figure every thirst trap should be potentially monetized since I just be posting them for free


I am overdrafted on all of my accounts lmao I hate this shit this same thing happened the last time I switched jobs. Last time my car broke down & had to be repaired, this time I went a month without pay because I had to take a 1 week break between jobs because I ended up in the hospital lmao I hate this shit I hate it I hate it

Hi! I’m an afrolatinx sephardi chronically ill & disabled trans artist. I’m experiencing a health scare (explanation in last post) & may need surgery. I’m sharing my art website in hopes to help raise money for upcoming medical bills. Most of my items are $10-$15! My partner is immunocompromised w/ chronic lung conditions at risk for COVID19 & I’m our sole source of income, so a lot is at stake right now.

✨😇🧿 www.tiendachulito.com 🧿😇✨

Also phoebe is acting like she also was up for 22 hours with a migraine 🙄

Oh here’s some selfies from last night at least cuz what else am I here for

I redyed my hair and took a ridiculously long shower to feel like I had some control over my life for once in this miserable August

Also in case anyone boosts this:

1. Who wants kiss

2. go look at my art website

Hey y’all! I’m an afrolatinx sephardi chronically ill & disabled trans artist making handmade resin art & jewelry for black empowerment, LGBTQIA Pride, Judaica, and Goth + Cutesy stuff. I make gemstone jewelry, custom resin rolling trays, BLM art, and spiritual stuff! I’d love it if you boost this, here are pics of my work. My shop is supplementing loss of COVID19 income so sharing helps a lot!

✨🧿 Www.tiendachulito.com 🧿✨

Hello everyone I am here to announce I got new reusable masks for my immunocompromised partner and I which I’m very excited about and now I have the perfect dystopian selfie as a result

I’m on HRT for medical reasons, not transition reasons, & I’ve been on it for almost 2 years now and I started growing a fucking sideburn on only one side of my face which has made me so mad & sad but today I put on makeup & THE OTHER SIDE IS GROWING I’m GETTING REAL SIDEBURNS I’m very excited about it. I put too much mascara on them today but whatever look I’m getting sideburns!!!

Hi new followers and pals! I’m Vinny and I looked like this today. I make BLM, PRIDE, & Judaica art ( www.tiendachulito.com ) and I make music! ( www.mxvalentino.bandcamp.com )

Our tv broke and amazingly someone Local was giving away theirs so we got another one but we had to put it on the ottoman cuz it doesn’t fit on the tv stand we had and Phoebe is loving the heat from the PS4 😂

Trying to thirst trap my friends into downloading apex

Hello! I’m an afrolatinx sephardic jewish chronically ill & disabled trans artist and I would love it if y’all would check out and share my art! I make Pride, Black empowerment, Judaica themed art, & working on cutesy & goth editions soon!


💓🌈🌸 hey y’all! 🌸🌈💓
I’m an afrolatinx Jewish chronically ill & disabled trans artist! My shop themes are primarily BLM, PRIDE, and Jewish culture themes. Latinx culture & cutesy stuff (animal crossing!) coming soon! I’d love it if you checked out my shop & shared it!


🌈💓🧿Hey y’all! I’m an afrolatinx jewish & chronically ill/disabled trans artist running a small resin business. It’s going well so far & will ideally enable me to not need to regularly crowdfund for emergencies AND donate to community members in need. However I need an online shop & the service I like is $200yr. I am hoping to raise funds & ideally make this my last personal fundraiser! Plz donate if u can💓:

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