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like tim curry orating "space", the words "holy shit" and "piissssss" are etched onto my psyche

the dread of wondering at 7pm if there's coffee left in my mug because i will be compelled to slurp it

lighting the monads batsignal for talking shit about the guy who made Braid

btw, if you liked this - im working on a version that will be usable by vtuber models and it'll be posted to my ko-fi.

I'd also be very appreciative if you check my ko-fi out because I am still behind on all my work from getting COVID and I have a big electricity bill I need to pay T_T

Verso Books is sharing 5 FREE ebooks that "challenge much of the zionist ideology concerning the origins and identity of the contemporary state of Israel, and offer a clear history of the occupation, Israel's military industrial complex, and this latest explosion of violence in Gaza."

Includes "The Punishment of Gaza" by Gideon Levy which describes Israel’s 2009 invasion of Gaza that killed over a thousand people and devastated the infrastructure.

Full list in Alt-txt

EVERYPONY needs to be careful when checking your childe's REESES CUPS this halloween christmas season. I opened up cumbert's REESES CUPS and I found Timmins, Ontario inside one of them. sickening and bad :(

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