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the unity thing just makes me keep in mind the day AWS is gonna bite our collective asses

you can mash up enola gay by omd and ich will by rammstein, but it's a bad idea

(Forgetting the word “impregnable”) Milord, have no fear. Our castle is unbreedable

[james murphy voice] i hear that you and your team have dropped unity, and are learning unreal

unity could never have captured 50%+ of the market without a whole lot of people helping them do it. educational institutions pushing it in schools, risk averse publishers punishing devs for custom toolsets, developers flooding the asset store with content for unity to profit from, thousands of hours of free labor building educational resources that only apply to unity. it's an institutional failure on every possible level. you can't just blame this all on john riccitiello

thank you *checks notes* opera gx, which owns game maker studio and recently required all devs to sign up for opera accounts so the engine can do telemetry on all your dev work

@dankwraith publisher whose most successful release was built by two weird guys using absolutely no proprietary tools whatsoever voice:

so since your murder wife ayre is voiced in the jp by power chainsawman and you're a dog who goes and kills whoever he's ordered to, that basically means 621 is denji right

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@catalina A bunch of short gents in colorful onesies making passes at each other in their little cars? Sounds pretty gay

Mens Footy being so homophobic is very funny considering what a fruity game it is

are either self hosted mattermost or rocketchat at all usable

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oh i forgot slack is getting into ai shit too, so this is all part and parcel

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