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Some sort of flying #vehicle with nice cargo space ideal for bakeries owners.
Loading alive livestock, like living samacenius flour, is not advised, though. Don't let the flour to convince you about this.

#Ballpoint #doodle with digital color overlay.

#Car #SciFi #SciFiart #FlyingCar

gandalf... yes... that was what they used to call me...
(smiles sagely)
*i* am

deployed to prod at work on a friday afternoon. nothing went wrong. idk what the big deal is

[to the tune of little bunny foo foo] little sussy baka

– We met on Mastodon. Not on the same server, but we saw each other’s toots on different federated Mastodon servers. And Hamilton got up the courage to migrate his account one day and DMed me.
– Yeah, I’d seen you online before. And I know that sometimes I’d be on one server and then you’d be on the other server, and then I’d think, maybe I should migrate over to that server the next weekend. And then you’d be at the other server. So we kind of crossed… I know. It sounds so stupid now.

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