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it's very funny that skullgirls has had how many years to remove the nazi imagery from parasoul and just haven't

even funnier that they did on the mobile version, but nowhere else

i still can’t believe they added one of the guys from guns n’ roses to guilty gear

malenia isn't a bad fight per se, i just simply do not have the reaction speed for it

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the ulcerated tree spirit you have to fight to finish her questline wants to be one of the worst boss fights in the game, but you can lure him out of his rot puddle in order to make it just tolerable

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at least i got to see all of millicent's story this time


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even on ng+ radagon/elden beast remains unbearable and singlehandedly disqualifies it from goty

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simulation, err, strategy saturdays continue with the Battle for Wesnoth ⚔️(later 🛤️?):

a pair of tights is one of the great silent shorts and anita garvin/marion byron are the greatest tall/short gf duo of all time

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