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ME: computer, i have achieved some Minor Functioning today, may i have a treat


uninstalling again because the boss fight against loki's horrible furry son fenrir is so obnoxious and poorly designed

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i got 2 Skill Points for sleeping with my brother's wife

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are you a written word lesbian or are you more of a visual yearner


i found the nightmare lecture hall so it's time to relive grad school ... in bloodborne

~> lets drop out again <~

tfw the lesson you take from game of thrones is that this specific kind of freakass is a sure fire fan favorite

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the only good bit in ass creed valhalla is when you accidentally beat the shit out of some lady's bf because they were doing rapunzel roleplay so she makes you do it instead

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playing the wholesome reboot of bloodborne

it's called ... BLOODBORNE

~> <~

the only really good bit about spyxfamily is that their version of eton college won't admit you if you have a dead parent, and also has hitler on staff

@nashhigh @derek @WoozleWuzzle 32 Dr. Pepper off brands enter the Soda Fountain of Judgement, only one reigns supreme


trying to kick amelia's ass sorry amelia

~> <~

the girl in twilight defies evaluative frameworks like 'good or bad' it is simply a show about a girl named asuka who, instead of being a bitch to hide her brain problems, forms a religion around fish cakes and engages in homoerotic activity with a version of herself from an alternate universe where there isn't enough miso soup

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this friday, hell is playing old games on TELE-MELT with @prophet_goddess @ckolderup and KEVIN

~> melty <~

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