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Squirrel attacked woman at world of dead (hell, hades).

girls will literally compile a static binary in order to run it on the scratch image base instead of going to therapy

The first single from the new EP by Portland, OR emo chiptune bedroom pop band exciting!!excellent!! is out!

'raiden national is good because of stat snapshotting' -- statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged

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this is obviously insane and embarrassing but the best part is that none of those 'guides' answer the one question most people are going to have, which is 'how do i deal enough damage to make fights bearable'

because the answer to that is 'use one of these specialized comps that exploit interactions that only spreadsheet freaks would ever figure out'

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Intro post! I'm Lauren, dark fantasy & horror artist.

My commissioned work is typically book covers and interiors, but I want to focus back on my personal art.

I've been so disconnected from social media for years but this place feels like an Olden Times art network. Fingers crossed!

#introduction #fantasy #horror #art #painting

Kind of wild that there's a full BBC concert of A Winged Victory for the Sullen and Nils Frahm performing from 2015 and you can just... watch it, and no one can stop you

it’s such a crime that marion byron got sidelined in the talkie era. she’s one of the cutest people to exist

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a pair of tights is one of the great silent shorts and anita garvin/marion byron are the greatest tall/short gf duo of all time

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going to try the switch port of COTTON, and maybe some non-sexy PARODIUS (heresy I know) and maybe other things!

~> <~

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