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the guardian is full of terfs, lithub is full of ... whatever this is

where do you find normal books criticism

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ok i haven't read much on lithub before so i didn't realize they're the worst people on the planet

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the hardest problem in literary analysis: is this book actually gay but the marketing dept decided to be coy out of fear of scaring away the straights, or is it really just gals being pals

arcane is a cultural loss leader from a loathsome company

as a show it's thematically incoherent and politically vile

but the gay stuff is almost more than subtext so

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the new year is about new beginnings, like how i formatted my macbook so hard when installing arch that even if i wanted to go back the recovery mode doesn't know how to install macos on it anymore

marge: lisa return thyself to the ground so that you may be chained

lisa: it perplexes me mother that your Almighty Lord dwells amongst the clouds yet you cannot make peace with me climbing the ceiling. does it unnerve you to picture his ascent as harrowing as mine? Do you fear the lord too can bleed? Can he hate, mummy?

bart: you know nothing of eternity's wars and their causes, wretched one

homer: lisa if you do not come down feeding time will be delayed for some and not others

one consequence of disney's cultural dominance and the obscene lengths of copyright is that once things enter the public domain, the public domain images have relatively little cachet because disney's versions have obliterated them in our collective memory.


streaming the carpg RACING LAGOON

~> jazz <~


streaming mahjong and figuring out what the best albums of 2021 were

~> bops guaranteed <~


this friday, hell is ending this shit year while knowing 2022 will be even worse!


~> <~

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