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ogma is taking a nap so instead of fire emblem we're playing HEROES 4 OF MIGHT AND MAGIC for the first time

(i never moved beyond heroes 3 because why bother it's perfect)

~> <~

it's time for that classic tuesday feature we all know and that i didn't just make up on the spot that's right it's


late nite spooky stream and this time we're playing DETENTION

~> <~

merged a big update to our streaming server yesterday, switching the RTMP implementation to one's that's maintained (SRS) and finally starting to polish up the documentation

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we are about to record our emergency 3.0+1.0 episode (tokyo godfathers postponed for a couple of months), speak now or forever hold your peace: animeisforjerks[at]

aws training sure knows how to enforce culture fit (i.e. monsters only)

(i'm not working for amazon don't worry)


we're continuing Fire Emblem III, gonna try to finish book 1 tonight

~> <~

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woweeeee it's TUESDAY

i have once again decided this means 🚗 ROCKET CARS 🚗

~> <~

pretty cool that the largest instance on the fediverse by an order of magnitude is basically unmoderated

the later ones are starting to become a blur, but 9 probably places below 7 and above 6

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