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some personal news: i'm retiring from heroes of the storm

i rarely feel guilty about slacking off during work hours but now that i'm actually on vacation i do. what the hell

@catalina it is instant gravy granules. but herein lies the thing. to folk like myself, bisto is a posh product for posh people, that i will only purchase as a special treat when it's half price. otherwise you go for the store brand gravy yknow. but to posh folks, bisto is decidedly *common*, instant gravy granules themselves are an affront to the way of life of the upper classes. and that's the thing alex

it is once again SUNDAY SHMUPDAY and we are back in gay hell playing sexy parodius

i'm supposed to cosplay bela but where do you get jewelry like this

1 node(s) had taint that the pod didn't tolerate, so we're streaming FRIDAY NIGHT HELL on twitch instead

with @prophet_goddess @topghost and KEVIN

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