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SOMEbody once asked me
To go see Pagliacci
To cure whatever's getting me down
Then I burst into tears despite laughter and the cheers
I am the famous traveling clown

the environment in genshin really is pretty, but i'm not sure how you can argue that the stock ass anime characters don't clash with it

what is going on

(do not explain to me what is going on)

i don't think any amount of fiddling with mastodon is ever going to change the fact that new users are forced to pick a table in the cafeteria

let's all have a fuckin normal one today yeah?

a lot of games writers and designers are convinced that players don't read but the reality is that they just suck shit at writing

god as soon as the news cycle goes back to normal twitter becomes completely insufferable again

A win for Oracle devastates preservation! emulators may be illegal as they reimplement instruction sets, which are certainly similar to APIs. copyright would ensure nobody could offer an alternative platform/OS when any on the market degrade dooming independently authored software forever.

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