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is there any character who deserves more and gets less than wakaba

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i need yakuza style title cards on wakaba's introductions of the student council

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two bros chilling in the zoom call video off cause they're not gay

Portland Police Bureau's antifa tip line: 503-823-0400

Please don't call this number and give them the description of Wile E. Coyote.

this post brought to you by me crying every time at the makoto-tachibana scene

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nothing about yakuza 0 makes sense on paper, it's an open world action adventure game with a mediocre combat system, all made to give a backstory to this weird edgelord character from the original series

and somehow it's not just the best of the yakuza games but also one of the best games ever

(as long as you avoid the transphobia side story)

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ROCKET CARS with @ct @prophet_goddess @topghost and DOUL

(not the good rocket cars)

(we're playing rocket league)

(not perfect park 😿)

(maybe next time)

in pathologic 2 as the game goes on and the plague worsens time literally speeds up and in-game days take less real time to pass, which is the fucking most accurate depiction of what it's like to live through a pandemic i've ever seen

turns out Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampires does not, in fact, have any vampires in it

so we're playing SOTN now

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darkstalkers 3, then castlevania sotn

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