Mask of the Rose was actually an experiment to see if starting difficulty discourse among Western Visual Novel Enthusiasts will trigger the Third Impact

pasiphaë's oshi was an oushi

hit the follow button for more jokes melding greek mythology and elementary japanese

hey all! electricity bills are kicking my ass rn so im opening up spots for models! 3 spots right now
"vtuber ready" = full basic lipsynch and exported for VSeeFace

email preferred, you can see more examples here:

@Modernmodron i started selling gems to buy clothes then i realized you need the gems to upgrade said clothes :psyduck:




updated to 3.5.8, back on the bleeding edge baby

Working at the library today in the kids' room. We've got a Pokémon program going on that got 20+ kids last time (.5% of the town's population). I know nothing about Pokémon except the little duck with a headache so my job on the desk is to say "How about that? Tell me more." and so far that's seemed like a useful job.

just saw a street fighter clip and couldn’t tell if it was 5 or 6

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