it's a very pretty, good-feeling action game with a million progress bars that exhaust me that's more interested in drip-feeding me content and dopamine hits than it is in giving me any kind of memorable experience. i'm sure people love to play it while listening to podcasts.

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i'm liiiiike one hundredth of a second off the world record and slowly losing my mind

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lol i ended playing perfect park afterwards for like 3 hours anyway

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taking a break from speedrunning so i don't burn out let's play THE WALKING DEAD for spooky halloween times

Reggiano is Italian for "the year of Reggie"

we finished silent hill, but there's still more october left! NIGHT IN THE WOODS with @catalina over at!!

it’s funny that letterboxd keeps deleting tv shows and don’t make a tv version of their site

ksbd, friday's page leaked 

damn... i cant believe this

i'm surprised i don't see more people talking about layla brimstone

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