a while back i tried to reactivate a twitter app account i had made for testing and they had all this new nonsense to fill out but apparently it got approved anyway

the dude at the table next to me is talking about the coffee_dad twitter account

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i did not expect kaiba to pivot into cursed horny in the second episode


we're back with more FIRE EMBLEM, this time the GENEOLOGY OF THE HOLY WAR

~> sounds fucked trash.cloud <~

@alys me neither! is it like a global versus scoped import thing? do i have to import things by name or can i just use whatever on my end? so many needless points of confusion!

fuck this nodejs.org/api/esm.html#esm_pa

the one thing nodejs did better than anyone else was imports; `require` just assigned to a constant, like everything else

what is the point of making the syntax more opaque like this

you can now vote on the next samurai gunn 2 character in the discord

wayland screen capture utilities have the most cursed names in existence:

slurpshot is an interactive screenshot taking script using bemenu.
To use a post-capture screenshot editing and drawing tool such as swappy: grim -g "$(slurp)" - | swappy -f -

can u be normal


happy sunday let's get a good time on the new SUNNY-PLACE track

~> zoomies trash.cloud <~

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