a while back i tried to reactivate a twitter app account i had made for testing and they had all this new nonsense to fill out but apparently it got approved anyway

find someone who looks at you the way walther looks at the head of his allegria

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continuing MUNDAUN and trying not to fall asleep

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the blurb in question is of babyji by abha dawesar, though to be fair the publisher synopsis that follows is also literary malpractice

babyji is a remarkable book but what it is emphatically not is a 'sexy' book about a 'charming' heroine; unless you're really into manipulation and abusive power dynamics

it's a deeply uncomfortable novel about how power is relative, and how someone who is marginalized on certain axes can still hold power over and inflict violence on others

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ok i haven't read much on lithub before so i didn't realize they're the worst people on the planet

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what better way to celebrate than with that classic yuletide tradition of fucking up england

that's right it's ass creed valhalla

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the writing is still bad but the subtext is closer to text than i expected

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