writing this should get you run out of games journalism forever

seeing people complain on twitter about being 20 hours in and still missing multiple abilities, and it's actually so good that totk holds your hand a lot less than botw did

@catalina had to look up the take and wow, I actually find it *more* frustrating in this game than in BOTW (and I was a huge defender of it in BOTW)

@casey i haven't had any problems with it in totk so far

@catalina it just feels more tedious. I think I'd be over it entirely if I could fuse things from my inventory directly instead of having to find them, drop them, switch to the fuse spell, activate the fuse spell, then fuse. I don't think it's "Bad game design" or anything like people who complain about the durability, I just don't like having to do all that shit

Image description, gaming, Tears of the Kingdom 

Closeup screenshots of Link. Wearing a red wig that covers their eyes, blue lipstick, two earrings, and some sort of Victorian-esque bouquet hat. Together with the usual bareback dress

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