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can you s rank with multiple people or is this game a monogamy sim

the fe3h fight music is actually a jam and it's stuck in my head

this is the one time her bad-at-talking gag is funny and not ugh

i didn't expect this game would be almost as horny as assassin's creed

lmao it springs the 'who will you marry' choice on you out of nowhere so you don't have the chance to save beforehand and see what each scene is like

there is one compelling storyline in fire emblem, and that's you helping bernadetta build up her self worth so that she can call you out for being an asshole

oh god nevermind i got more of the shamir/catherine story and it's brutal

of course it only turns out this way if you turn against the church and take shamir with you

the whole ending is underwhelming in the extreme

at least i'm free now

honestly relieved that most of my bros beefed it during the last battle so that they couldn't cockblock these two

the main plotlines of fe3h are nonsense but the little relationships that develop between the minor characters are really nice

and no matter which house you choose, most students can be convinced to join you, so you can see them interact with different people

in another world this game could have been a commentary on how we decide things and take positions largely as a result of the community we're in and the relationships we have

also it's bullshit you can't get s rank with marianne

edelgard may be a fascist but at least she doesn't go around telling girls to smile

i made fun of the REPRESENTATION people for getting excited about this game but two cranky old gays talking through their feelings is good

yellow house spoilers 

before you fight edelgard, you're like 'i don't want to kill her' and claude is like 'yeah let's see if we can spare her' then you knock her on her ass and she's like 'ugh just fuckin kill me then'

and you're just like,, 'ok' and split her head open


oh wow the same voice actress does shamir and dorothea (in the english)

i thought it was just old white liberals who say shit like 'female tyrants are just Strong Women' but apparently it's spreading

(the quoted article is this perfectly sensible if unremarkable one

having good intentions doesn't mean you can't end up as a fascist!! even if you're really hot!!!!

you know who else was hot when they were young?

that's right, stalin

this ties back into what i was hollering about last month, when that article came out about how fe3h fell short as a Queer Narrative

if the only narrative media you consume is AAA videogames, then i can see why you'd be defensive of the queer characters in those games

which is fine i guess, as long as it doesn't reach the point of 'allying with crypo-nazis in order to take over the world is fine, as long as you get rid of the nazis afterwards'

so nintendo's response to 'maybe it's bad to have a teacher so horny for their students' is ... having a student challenge you to a duel over it

this is a bit too charitable but also dia is the only person who's written intelligently about fire emblem

me to the bimbo part of my brain that still wants to play fire emblem

fire emblem n-gage continues the franchise tradition of chaotic horny


wait fire emblem engage doesn't do the little endgame ships thing where it tells you who ended up with who

this game sucks wow

watching someone else stream engage and hearing the english voice acting for the first time, and i legit thought it was the streamer doing a jokey read of the lines, that's how bad some of it is

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