my weirdest book opinion is that i have a strong dislike of ali smith because the one novel of hers i've read (girl meets boy) is bad, and she wrote an extremely weird blurb one time

the blurb in question is of babyji by abha dawesar, though to be fair the publisher synopsis that follows is also literary malpractice

babyji is a remarkable book but what it is emphatically not is a 'sexy' book about a 'charming' heroine; unless you're really into manipulation and abusive power dynamics

it's a deeply uncomfortable novel about how power is relative, and how someone who is marginalized on certain axes can still hold power over and inflict violence on others

the rug-pull, when you realize that our 'plucky' narrator chronically abuses power in the situations where she has it, is gutting

but i guess if you didn't get that far you might write this blurb?

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