it would truly be pixelfed's time to shine ... if it could talk to any other fedi

@skiant if i knew anything about activitypub i'd try to fix it, mostly i'm just confused by their dev priorities

@catalina Yeah I've seen the Pleroma/Pixelfed dev chats and I'm gonna nope the fuck out of it

@skiant oh dear is there a lot of crossover there

i guess both are php huh

@catalina IIRC (my memory is shit) the main dev of pixelfed was being A Dummy™ online, Pleroma devs rushed to his defense and then it went full circlejerk about cancel culture and all the fun stuff.

@catalina Only the top of the crop working on that sweet fediverse software, as usual

@skiant every couple months im like i should figure out actipub so i can work on bookwyrm or whatever, then i dont

@catalina I think AP was a pretty naive idea and is lacking a fair amount of hardening in order to provide the kind of basic safety features people would expect from something that would want to compete with mainstream social media platforms? That was my impression last time I tried to look a bit deeper into it.

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