the lil streaming server that i've been working on with @prophet_goddess and @alys has reached ~minimum viable product~ status

(entirely arbitrary, determined by us)

check it out:

testing the new pure-ffmpeg implementation of our streamer server

merged a big update to our streaming server yesterday, switching the RTMP implementation to one's that's maintained (SRS) and finally starting to polish up the documentation

just merged an experimental low latency setting for the dios streaming server 👁️

it's off by default but we're seeing stream delay down to 5s when you turn it on

exciting stuff

@catalina @prophet_goddess @alys if I want to play around with it: would you recommend a dedicated box for this (and if so, how big) or is this the kind of thing that can perhaps run alongside a bunch of other (lightweight, not-Mastodon-level) services? I ask because if I do get it running I am guaranteed to make a documentation PR in the process

@darius @prophet_goddess @alys i'm not super sure since i'm running it in k8s with separate containers for the application, postgres, and nginx-rtmp

those could probably run together in one mid-size machine? soon though we'll be adding ffmpeg for re-encoding and i expect that will require a lot more resources (when enabled)

@catalina @prophet_goddess @alys i am unironically excited about this, i hollered "holy shit they've done it", i have no ability to host or maintain it but i love that this exists. thanks

@catalina @prophet_goddess @alys @darius I love projects like this. Saying this whether I ever use it or not. Death to Twitch-Amazon! 🏴‍☠️

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