compact CRTs with built-in VCRs, truly the greatest treasure of 2001

why am i watching the fast and the furious? no one knows

when i was in high school i tried to teach this guy final cut pro

i thought this was tokyo drift, but it's a 90s high school comedy??

ohhhh i get it this was back when the three strikes law meant you got sent to tokyo after your third conviction

so far this is just '30 year old high schooler tries to race, totals his car, is given a better one' i've never seen a purer example of failing up

this is hands down the fucking weirdest movie i've ever seen

'so if you don't drift to win, what do you drift for?'

'you really want to know?'

dwayne the rock johnson is going to do a crime because he's the most swole cop

fast and furious is the powerful anti cop message our children need

everyone keeps asking han when he's going to tokyo and he's like chill out that's when tokyo drift happens i need to live long enough to be in more movies

did they do trick perspective to make dwayne rock johnson's head even bigger

lmao they fuckin green screened this

did vincent diesel and dwayne rock johnson have a falling out or something

lmfao F7 finally catches up to tokyo drift in the retconned timeline so lucas black is still supposed to be a high schooler

every car in fast and furious is parked with the keys left in the ignition

'the thing about street fights? the street always wins'

and making her kiss vin diesel, indignity on top of indignity

white dreads charlize theron explaining choice theory :blobcatcoffee:

it's insanely fucked up that there's no ramsey/cipher fic where ramsey explains to cipher how gross her white dreads are then cuts them off, in a sexy way


official fast & furious power ranking


the next two are justin lin so hopefully they'll get better again

why the fuck does fast and furious keep giving charlize theron the worst possible hair

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