i am approximately 1000x less likely to read a book if i see it's the first in a series. it's just such a commitment. i got shit to do! i ain't got time to read five books in your shitty universe!

it's totally psychological because like i will happily read a 1000 page book but if those 1000 pages are split up across four ~300 page books i will tell you to fuck off and eat shit

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i mean the other thing is if you're writing a series it probably means you don't know how the whole story you want to tell is going to go which means it's probably going to have a soggy midsection or a terrible ending and i don't have time for that shit

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also and this is purely psychological: sci-fi books do this a lot and sci-fi books are fucking terrible at marketing to me, like i really like sci-fi but it's so hard for me to tell based on the marketing of most sci-fi books if they're going to be like, any good. like yeah people say good things about them but people have bad opinions all the time. i stopped trusting recommendations when i played nier automata.

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@prophet_goddess probably more likely than not that you wouldn't like gideon, honestly

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