lmao when you're fighting the breakdancers you can both just repeatedly knock each other over then use your get-up attacks

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it's no doubt a reference to 'A Pair Of Tights", the 1929 silent short by Hal Yates

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streaming cabaret club bc that's all i do these days trash.cloud

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nothing about yakuza 0 makes sense on paper, it's an open world action adventure game with a mediocre combat system, all made to give a backstory to this weird edgelord character from the original series

and somehow it's not just the best of the yakuza games but also one of the best games ever

(as long as you avoid the transphobia side story)

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this post brought to you by me crying every time at the makoto-tachibana scene

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and then i started tearing up at the end when makoto and majima see each other for the first and last time, how embarrassing

cass called makoto damsely and that's true, but i think why i love her and her relationship with majima anyway is because it's so clearly platonic

so it avoids a lot of the shittier tropes that come along with a damsel in distress situation

it's really astonishing how much worse yakuza kiwami is compared to 0

the story being bad isn't surprising, since that part is from 2005, but how did they make the combat of yakuza 0 so much shittier and more tedious

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at least i managed to avoid triggering the majima everywhere sideshow entirely

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the real majima has enormous respect for sex workers, this retcon of his character in kiwami is disgusting

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another weird change to canon in kiwami: making kiryu straight

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if you’ve played 0 you know that kiryu is gay but doesn’t know what sex is, while majima knows very well what it is, but is ace

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@catalina I'm on chapter 10 right now. Just powered through the transphobic shit (assuming you mean the real estate mogul). This is the perfect pandemic game in a lot of ways. I found it excruciatingly slow 2 years ago but having picked it back up I now WANT to spend my time playing darts in a realistically rendered bar

@darius yeah i didn't do the real estate stuff at all, partly because of that, and partly because it was boring

but i did the entire cabaret club storyline, which pays out like 15 billion yen, so majima was incredibly over-leveled compared to kiryu for the rest of the game

@catalina I'm itching to get back to Majima but am instead finishing out Kiryu disco side quests while doing real estate at the same time (but will ditch real estate when I run out of side quests)

Kiryu's entire thing is so boring compared to Majima's so far

@catalina the way they changed Majima's character is just...why did they need to change his character like that??

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