horrific k8s devstream happening now trash.cloud/

the computer is the true vampire


ahahahaaha i didn't configure my ingress controller correctly so i set up a test streaming server and when cass tried to stream to it, it got routed to trash.cloud and clobbered it

as far as i can tell, for any non-http port (e.g., 1935 for rtmp), you can expose that port to one (1) service on your entire k8s cluster kubernetes.github.io/ingress-n

so it's literally impossible to run more than one rtmp streaming server on the same cluster

someone asks 'is there any way to actually let multiple services listen on the same port, like two FTP servers on 21' and dude replies with this colossal comment that boils down to 'yes, here's how to set up two services, listening on 6379 and 6380 respectively' stackoverflow.com/questions/61

just beautiful brain worms

the good news is OBS can stream over RTMP to ports other than the default (1935), so you can run multiple streaming servers on the same cluster if you manually assign them each a port in your ingress controller gist.github.com/dunn/7df5a5426

episode 69 of k8s is mature software that works: the standard ingress controller doesn't know how to do anything with non-http port traffic, so you have to add a manual configuration for each service and then nothing else in the cluster can have that port garbage.world/posts/ports/

because of that i spent the last two days spelunking through the absolute nightmare that is traefik's documentation, only to find they have effectively the exact same problem because of a bug nobody seems in a rush to fix: github.com/traefik/traefik/iss

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? docs.nginx.com/nginx-ingress-c

@catalina wow that's a monster of a SO answer. Good on them for taking the time and effort

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