I might try a small video streaming experiment tomorrow about #terminalphase development? Not sure if people would be interested.

I'll probably use obs, which is packaged in Guix.

The main downside is I don't think there's a libre / federated system that streams with obs yet? Or is there?

Which means I might do the minimum viable thing, which is stream to youtube (boo)

I'll upload the finished videos either to archive.org or a peertube instance after the fact regardless.

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@catalina I don't think there is one. I've heard rumors of maybe someone considering building one but they didn't make a public commitment iirc so I'm not going to say.

@catalina @cwebber does federation even make sense for streaming services? you'd likely be hitting a centralized server for the video stream anyway.

@trwnh @catalina It could make sense: you could push a notification that a stream has started so subscribers can see, and then federate the video after.

@trwnh @catalina But you're right that a central server would be involved still during streaming.

@cwebber @catalina i've always thought irc-like chat makes more sense for live-streaming video. hooking up that to identity and authentication is purely optional.

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