PLOT SYNOPSIS: two lesbian diplomats have to decide between prioritizing their burgeoning romance or their commitment to nuclear disarmament just after the dawn of the gay rights movement...The Price of SALT (R; 1:49)

the balam industries logo reminds me of the logo for ligue 1 (sponsored by uber eats)

ooff, part of the hidden stuff in the epic layoffs news is they are selling bandcamp - I hope the new owners aren't terrible, its these folks

i just said i was reading a murder mystery and refused to elaborate

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i said to myself, i said ‘you know, surely, that if you bring this particular book to read while waiting for your vaccine, the pharmacist will ask, without a trace of guile, what you are reading.’ and i did it anyway

white girls with a warm undertone should be kept out of england for their own safety

setting aside how hacky and cowardly it is (the shortcut before the first boss is pointless now that they added another bonfire just before the fog gate in the current version) it just feels terrible

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i played the demo of twink bloodborne and it was bad and now it's on game pass and for some reason i installed it and it's still bad


baby-brained soulslike criteria: are the bosses difficult?

connoisseur soulslike criteria: does all the gameplay implicitly have yakety sax playing in the background, on a spiritual level?

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