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Friendly reminder that if you followed me on here I'm posting at @cambrian_era

Friendly reminder that if you followed me on here I'm posting at @cambrian_era

So now that I've got up and running I'm probably gonna be using this one mostly for selfies and @cambrian_era for more general shitposting.

Dreams, Bugs, Violence 

Dream #2 was about a fantasy world that was like Game of Thrones except the wall defended us from giant bugs that came from the sea and ate people.

Dreams, Trans junk, Violence 

So 5th grade me was just crying and the teacher was like, "Well, you for 3rd place" and I'm like, "I can't even be like 'well, you tried your best! because I didn't even GET to try!"

Also I was terrified of using the girls bathroom and then boys were just coming in and using it like it was no big deal.

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Dreams, Trans junk, Violence 

So because of the bracket structure one of them won and then kept on winning. I was like, "Ok, now I can show them I'm good and win for the girls." but time ran out and they were just like, "Good job, everyone's a winner" and gave me 3rd place even though I'd never fought.

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Dreams, Trans junk, Violence 

So, dream #1 last night: I dreamt I was in 5th grade and in a girl's kickboxing competition at some field day thing. I hadn't wanted to do it but they were like, "Merisa you're big and strong, you should do this" so I did even though I felt awful about it.

But it turns out they let the boys join too, because there weren't enough of them for their own team.

My favorite thing about Windows 10 are the completely opaque rules about what you can drag where.

We've got more tools to deal with communities here and CWs are just one of them. Instances with stricter CW norms might be another.

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I agree with Eugen here. CWs are useful and powerful, but I think we're going to need to get used to taking our safety into our own hands to a certain extent. I've heard similar concerns about instances or moderation regarding how they might be abused and yeah, it goes both ways. We don't have mods that defend Nazis on most instances but that also means there are a few that do.

Ratholos and Diablos taken down. wooo.

Think I'll do some omurice and a parfait tomorrow like an anime girl.

merisa boosted is going well I just have to deploy it despite being a scrub.


I have haggis flavored potato chips and I'm scared. Maybe I should save them for when I have some weed as well.


Sessions is going to curse Trump until he can say his name backwards.

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