reminder that bitbucket is deleting all mercurial repositories july 1

you might also find @mcc's thread on the processes/frustrations of migrating her own stuff useful/validating

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@alys I'm looking into moving to sourcehut but taking other suggestions if people have them

@Canageek i went with Rhodecode, although Sourcehut has been recommended several times.

@alys Why did you pick that one, if you don't mind me asking? I'll be migrating after lunch. Sourcehut was nice as it is only $2/month (not free, bt grad student affordable, and they say if you have financial trouble to contact them, so I can hopefully ask them to let me keep using it if I have a period of unemployment after grad school, though at that point I suppose that keeping backups of my thesis won't really be needed anymore)

@Canageek i'm self-hosting, btw, which changes the calculation.

it came down to a few things:
—rhodecode has a docker image. (looking again, it appears sourcehut has an unofficial one but it doesn't seem to be up-to-date)
—source hut is broken into pieces, which seemed like a potential hassle for installation.
—rhodecode is more established

as sourcehut matures, i could see myself moving to a self-hosted sourcehut, or hosted sourcehut the primary and keeping self-hoste as a backup.

@alys Oh wait, are these software to self-host? I thought these were services like bitbucket to host my stuff offsite

@alys Oh yeah, Rhodecode is a total non-starter. I don't have a location I could self-host at, the whole point is to have a place that is not my laptop or desktop that has a copy of my thesis (while still having a full copy on both of those) and it has a $8 charge/user...minimum of 10 users.

$80 a MONTH? WTF? That is a *fortune*!

@Canageek yeah, i was comparing in terms of self-hosting because i already have a server.

in terms of hosted costs, sourcehut is way more reasonable. rhodecode is targeted at businesses

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