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sauerkraut should be served :psyduck:

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"every machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough"

How many plug/unplug cycles is a SATA power and data connector good for?

Unsure if mistake, decided to start playing eve online again.

within the last 2 days I unlocked the achievement "have 5 ships destroyed"

maybe wormholes aren't for me lol

And maybe he's keeping an eye on Estaban Ocon...

And ... Sometimes Yuki :ablobcathappypaws:

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I'm still laughing at this terrible joke. I made it to myself like 10 minutes ago 😭

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I wonder if James Vowels' favourite driver is Alex Albon? :thaenkin:

If I had a really cool secret treasure that I didnt' want anyone to dig up, I'd plaster it all over with "This place is not a place of honor ..." messages.

Fall is here!

This tree was a little antsy for PSLs I think. :blobcatcoffee:

I honestly wish I could listen to music without this kind of stuff breaking the immersion.

if you go south from california ... all the way around you end up hitting land around yemen or iran.

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Embracer group, more like exterminator group amirite?

all this talk about starfield makes me want to try eve again.

timbaland needs to take a geography class....

"respected from california all the way DOWN to japan?"

hobbit voice

yesterday was leg day?

how about second leg day? :blobpeek:

how many half empty water bottles does one woman need around her office?

all of them.
n+1, i need more bottles!

Greenday released their demo tape for dookie as a 30th anniversary celebration.

and I'm over here sobbing that we didn't get some of those amazing raw songs.

dookie was my road trip cassette. in my walkman all the time.

the demo basket case is 10000x the album one.

the feminine urge to deadlift 500lbs

Putting on some headphones, having a tea, and listening to Jill Barber under a blanket watching the sunset. :blobcatcoffee: 🎷 🌆

It looks like is a thing.

They have some ansible scripts set up for self-hosting. I know I said not matrix, but I just didn't want to deploy it all myself.

This seems to be where everyone's effort is going these days.

Just have to make sure I can permanently archive and search it.

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wishing there was a blocklist of music streaming apps.

like block chris brown, any of his songs, any songs featuring him, no matter the genre.

doesn't matter how many times I downvote that trashbag he shows up somewhere in a recommendation.

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