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"every machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough"

joke spoiler because its a bad joke 

transcoding... 🤦‍♀️

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when do trans software engineers get the ability to read and write from different video formats? I figured that feature would be at least in beta by now based on the name. :blobcatinnocent:

using dall-e mini to generate new tattoo ideas :psyduck:

Where do you get those really long (like 6cm) brass hex standoffs for pcbs?

I think I'm using the wrong words and that's why I can't find them in a search 🤔

I'm a musician now!

(its bad and literally the first button presses that i accidentally recorded.)

when upgrading to python 3.10 in my project:

let's just pattern match everything like elixir, after all why shouldn't I?

trans rights + jk rowling + ai posting 

Asking DALL-E Mini for

J.K. Rowling supports trans rights

(apparently also with the sad filter applied [she should be sad])

DALL-E mini makes some pretty fun results.

I like the one that looks like there's a group of boxes who are friends jumping into the pool 🥰

cockroachdb... is that what is running under couchdb?

maybe we should call exterminatordb to fumigatedb my appartmentdb.

software dev poll source 

The file I'm working in that prompted this poll.

11443 lines :sadghost:

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software dev poll 

how many lines is largest file in a repo that you regularly make changes to? (and not auto generated)

what if your overlay network had an overlay network.

and that network used vxlan to encapsulate services inside of it.

what OSI layer is this 😖

youtube be like: yeah your gigabit internet can only handle a 144p stream sorry.

oh you manually override it to 1440p every time? our mistake, just one zero off.

Looking at the silkscreening on an old gigabyte motherboard I have mounted on my wall and it has some of the team members names on it!

| HW/ Roger | FW/ Allen | TESTING/ jWK |

that's so dang cool. would never be done these days

computer bad 

- and now that thunderbird beta is on the same build as firefox it has the same broken first launch behaviour too🤦‍♀️

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computer bad 

all of my browsers are broken in some way.

- firefox window is totally borked on first boot. it just absorbs whatever was behind it in a frame and doesn't respond to anything

- vivaldi crashes any tab playing audio if you click a link that opens in _blank from any other tab. if you have a console open in the crashing tab, the whole browser hard crashes.

- chromium totally refuses to connect to webrtc reliably.

half composed toot from last night 

:bing: how

Yes, Krunner. That's exactly what I want to do with this value... :psyduck:

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