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"every machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough"

Even GPT chat bot knows that using Discord servers for support of your open source project is a bad idea.

Not sure I totally agree with the conclusion, but using a subreddit would be massively better for helping people and getting community involvement.

woops, nevermind it was right there. SPI and UART are available to use.

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I've seen a few ARM SBCs come across with RP2040 coprocessors onboard now.

I wonder what the interface would be like and how to work with it from onboard?

I could imagine a serial interface would be simple to set up ... but is that how an embedded implementation would work?

Is there a search engine that will just search primary sources for things?

like only git forges, dev blogs, stackoverflow, IRC logs, and project documentation?

ignoring all the paywall stuff and seo hacking garbage that will actually use your specific keywords instead of a "did you mean" or "somehow this is a noop search term"?

metaworkers should unionize ahead of time for better metarights in the metaverse when things like meta retail jobs are needed for all these metastorefronts.

do meta baristas have to play a coffee mini-game to serve a meta person their meta coffee?

lonely boy by the black keys has the same starting note as still dre?

what pronunciation camp do you fall into?

for tcl and qt

the amount of shit webapps that straight up don't work in firefox blows my mind.

gotta polyfill some MutationObservers so that you can render a paypal button, but it falls on its face and doesn't work at all.

I hate how I've consumed the kool-aid and I want to use rust for everything now.

Now that I've been using it productively for a few months, I can see what's propelling the movement pretty clearly.

Stupid sexy koolaid

it's taking every ounce of my being to not reply to this

CORS is garbage that makes the web more siloed and should never have been a thing. Allowed-Origins * your stuff.

bop gun kinda sounds like a sonic the hedgehog level background music

anyone else get intense anxiety over that stupid slack notification click?

tis the season where I move my 3D printer back into my office so it's warmer in here 🥶

how do people who do pcb design know or find all the chips they need and sample implementations? is there like a big database of components where you get access to all the spec sheets and stuff?

I feel like I can never actually find the kinds of components I'm looking for, or I start designing something complex but ends up being integrated into some kind of neatly packaged mcu that I'd never know about.

survey says:

seagate barracuda 2.5 vs 3.5 4TB drives:

2.5: 1W idle, 1.9/2.1W R/W (operatoring)
3.5: 5.4W idle, 8.0W operating

seems like a slam dunk for the mobile drives. I'm assuming it's because the platters are smaller/thinner they require less power to spin up?

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🤔 Do 2.5" HDDs use less power than 3.5" ones?

ASUS just told me that the physical measurements of my monitor stand are "confidential information".

get ready for some huge leaks

Chasing that peppermint dragon in my soy latte

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