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"every machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough"

@catalina what was that driving game you played on stream a while ago that had the cars with the speedo on the rear bumper and all the races looked like they were in some kind of arena?

log4j was the last straw in me self hosting mail.

off to migadu!

I think I need to spend a little more time refining my thesis here. I'm either onto something or ... not. And as much as I am starting to hate the term, I think it boils down to liberating "the metaverse".

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what if, now hear me out, blockchains could be good at decentralization and gave us activitypub and federation on everything?

like ssb but without the silly name or stupid javascript reference implementation and not developed as a social network.

legit cancelled by almost every accounting software because my TLD is gay

(this is actually a generated network interface name, not random garbage that I typed to make a point).

it named the other one ens8.

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me: which interface should I configure for this vlan?

ubuntu: well it used to be called eth1 but now it's enxb03af2b6059f because that's easier ok?

🤷‍♀️ easier for who

Dangit. I can't get my IP off of a mail blocklist.

I knew this would happen some day.

Can anyone recommend a good mail host that doesn't try to lock you into web client or use proprietary crap?

New Arcade High is a really fun jam. It definitely feels like a sequel to their first Kingdom, and seems to have a lot of Daft Punk influence that wasn't as noticeable on the first album.

TFW you choose the exact correct size of container for leftovers :uwu:

my very original tattoo idea has only 100 million google results.

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considering as a tattoo

❌ 🦆

is kinda fun.

the music hits me really good :uwu:

A little confused how basically the entire ARM ecosystem is totally fine to get bodyslammed by M1 with no response.

Folks are still launching new 'fast' arm devices on the RK3399 which is from 2015!

Aside from being an SBC addict, I'm a bit removed from the industry as a whole.

Happy to get some insight if anyone has some

ladies jeans have basically no functional pockets but I can still get myself stuck on doorknobs 🤷‍♀️

new computer maybe 

I was thinking about building a new workstation, or upgrading my current one but the GPU shortage makes it pretty much impossible to do without getting a pre-built or something like it.

Question: Are there any decent prebuilt companies that don't use proprietary hardware and historically have decent linux support?

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