what do y'all use for self-hosted CI?

when you do OOP backwards, it's just POO :thinkhappy:

pinebook tech question 

meh, just used a .Xmodmap to remap and it works fine.

must be something to do with the latest plasma stuff in manjaro.

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pinebook tech question 

maybe next think I'll try is the ol' xbindkeys method

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pinebook tech question 

pro users, ever have a capslock rebind stop working? It was working totally fine yesterday via the KDE keyboard settings override but now nothing I do in this panel changes anything. Capslock just be's capslock no matter what.

hot take 

burned my finger taking a bagel out of a hot toaster this morning 😔

downloading hard drive space from the internet, and it's not malware!

Total Download Size: 10.19 MiB
Total Installed Size: 50.14 MiB
Net Upgrade Size: -10.93 MiB

LPT: the nintendo switch charger does NOT like to be used to charge the pinebook pro.

I thought it was bricked for a few minutes :/

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Also anxiously awaiting the 3GB upgrade board for the braveheart folks, RAM usage has been tough to manage.

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oh hecc yes! this is just the project I've been meaning to create for ! I hope I can use it as a base instead of starting from scratch with some of my ideas.


Sorry I'm late to the mandatory trans meeting today, everyone!

What's on the trans agenda? did we change it while I was asleep?

pretty cold take, matrix 

matrix.org is the mastodon.social of matrix.

find yourself a trusted homeserver, or run on for yourself and own your communication.

Are there any non-tigerlake / elkhart lake 2.5Gb NIC SBCs?

3d printing, looking for advice 

what do you use to store your filament rolls that aren't in use that doesn't let the moisture in?

Got my PicoPlanet procedurally generated board in the mail from @bleeptrack ! So excited to start playing with it :ablobcathappypaws:

if you order silica gel online, does it ship with waste silica gel to keep the other stuff fresh?

I use alpine btw is the new I use arch btw.


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