wow plasma, awesome new default for 5.21. I'm sure everyone wants this.

I don't think anyone has ever expected their keyboard to repeat a key when it's held down...

can anyone recommend a 2mm mechanical pencil?

I accidentally bought a bunch of massive lead and now I need a pencil to put it in.

tfw you're really tired, so you drink some coffee but now you just feel tired but really intensely

does intel know that you dont have to name everything after lakes and ridges?

Horse Ridge 2: Quantum Boogaloo

what if we started calling parts of the internet that tracked you, sold your information, for ads, etc. the Adnet.

and if you need to go onto the Adnet for something, you can protect yourself with a tool like the Tor Browser for accessing the Onion Network.

then we can start removing engagement / advertising features from our internet browsers so the Adnet becomes incompatible.

me: ok google, is an osprey the provincial bird of NS?

google: yes, the Osprey is the provincial bird of Nova Scotia, Canada.

me: what does it sound like ?

google: Hmm, I don't have a sound for that yet.

me: well fucking google it

🦆 global public matrix channel search engine

if you had a map of maps, and the map keys were opaque ... what kind of data structure would you use to maintain a list of keys and keys keys ?

love them cheap HDMI cables! no difference, right?

*very pippi longstocking voice*

what shall we do today?

what's that price history website that is an animal name 3 times?

apparently I can export a sketch to SVG, but the sketch is on a sub plane tied to the part, which doesn't project onto XY properly so it's all wonky donky

I feel like this should be do-able without fully re-drawing it in inkscape to the dimensions and shape.

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has anyone 3D printed a monitor stand? or used printed brackets and wood?

I'm looking for some inspiration.

ASMR but it's mr. rogers saying 'I like you just the way you are'

@bleeptrack my daughter (4y/o) and I finally got around to playing with our picoplanet and she loves it! We've done a few little experiments, and recreated the video from a few months ago.

it's beautiful, unique, functional, and inspiring. thanks so much for making it.

does anyone use a mastodon TUI client? recommendations?

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